An eye doctor who does more to protect your precious eyes

At York Family Eyecare, our eye doctor is a tireless advocate for every person that he sees. Dr. Sammy Pelletier always goes the extra mile in all ways to keep his patients’ eyes as healthy as possible. So if you’re looking for exceptionally committed eyecare, and peerless protection for your precious eyes, you’ve come to the right place.


An optical boutique that delivers expert care with every pair

At York Family Eyecare’s in-house boutique, you get the top-quality products and service that your hardworking eyes deserve. This means the largest selection of eyewear in southern Maine, precision fittings, and ongoing expert support. Each Our Boutique customer is treated as a VIP. You (and your eyes) will see a big difference when you visit us.


 “Your honesty, integrity, and the friendliness of your staff are why I have been a long-term patient.” – Cliff

“Thank you for saving my vacation!” – Cassandra

“There should be more people and doctor’s offices like yours!” – Lynette

Make it your family's healthiest year yet.

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