It’s 2018! Make it the healthiest yet for your family. We can help.

The new year is in full swing. How are you doing on those resolutions you made on December 31st? You know, the ones about taking better care of yourself and keeping your family healthy, minimizing stress, and having more fun. Life is busy, but we want to help you achieve those goals.

One of the easiest ways to keep your resolutions for your family’s health is with annual eye exams. That’s because our eyes are a “window to our health.” Furthermore, when it comes to conditions of the eye, sometimes the patient experiences zero symptoms.

Dr. Pelletier treats your eye care as part of your primary care. He is exceedingly thorough, so getting your eyes examined at York Family Eyecare will provide good information—not just about your family’s eyes, but also about their overall health.

Indeed, Dr. Pelletier has actually found other non-ocular medical issues with some of his patients during the eye exam!

Booking your family’s eye exams can be done at your convenience, 24/7, through our website or Facebook page. Or call us during our regular business hours for personal assistance.

We’re always here to help, in 2018 and beyond.