Age-Specific IssuesAge-Specific Issues

Our eyes do incredible work for us, for our entire lives. They are one of the strongest muscles in our body. They experience tremendous change from the minute we are born.

As we age, our eye health and our vision tend to decline. Disease risk factors increase. Therefore, doing everything we can to protect our eyes, from an early age, can make a big impact for preserving them and maintaining our vision later in life.

Dr. Pelletier believes in the importance of education for all family members that he sees. His commitment to protecting the youngest eyes, which are especially vulnerable, is strong. His thoroughness as a practitioner serves all of his patients well—he works hard to identify any possible ocular issue that a patient may or may not know about.

At York Family Eyecare, we have the expertise in age-specific issues to provide unparalleled support for patients, and eyes, of every age.