Quality lenses for every need


Optimizing your vision is what York Family Eyewear’s in-house boutique is all about; we offer the latest and greatest lens technology as well as the largest selection of flattering, up-to-date frames on the Seacoast to have you seeing well and looking great. Our lenses include: 


  • Progressive lenses, which can be a fantastic solution to see well at all distances, with a number of options in progressive lens design including specialized lenses for computer use and reading.
  • Traditional lined bifocal and trifocal lenses which can be digitally customized.
  • Single-vision lenses which are available in several lens design options as well.

Once our opticians help you choose your lens design, you can further customize your selection with a number of add-ons, including upgraded lens material, polarized sun filters, photochromic lens treatment, and a blue-blocking antireflective coating to protect your eyes from permanent damage caused by blue light exposure from devices.


For protection from the sun, we offer many brands and styles of sunglasses, from classic and modern, to funky or sporty styles, with an array of tinted lens colors and glare-cutting polarization to keep your eyes comfortable and protected outdoors. You can even pick up a non-prescription pair of designer sunglasses on the way to the beach!

We’re here to help


Because York Family Eyecare is committed to meeting all of your eyewear needs, we offer deals on multiple pair purchases. Be sure to ask us about these great discounts.

All of our lenses provide best-in-class quality, carry the York Family Eyecare guarantee, and come with our ongoing service and support.


When you need new eyewear, consider who will be making your glasses. Our skilled opticians take extra care and time before, during, and after production to make sure your new eyewear fits you perfectly and that you are seeing as well as possible. We love knowing our customers, meticulously creating each pair of glasses ourselves, and remembering our patients personally as well as their optical needs.