Occupational Eyewear

York Family Eyecare is a great ally for the hardest-working eyes. Whatever your specific eyewear needs, we have solutions tailored to meet the performance and safety needs of your work and your hobbies.

Protection for computer-based fatigue & damage

If you are a heavy computer user, occupational glasses will go a long way in making your eyes feel better as you work on your device. “Occupationals” improve visual performance, minimizing eyestrain to make your eyes feel more relaxed. They also provide substantial protection from damaging blue-light emissions, which is fast becoming a major optometric concern.

Many patients are amazed by how much better they feel when they use eyewear optimized for computer use. Some even note the disappearance of symptoms including headaches. It’s an easy but important way to care for your eyes in the short and long term.

Safety for your eyes

Did you know that more than 700,000 Americans suffer work-related injuries each year?*

If your line of work puts your eyes at risk, let us outfit you with the right protective eyewear. Everyone from soldiers to industrial workers needs the right safety eyewear. We can prescription and nonprescription options that include ANSI lens certification for clarity and impact resistance standards.

*According to Prevent Blindness America.