Our In-House Lab

Did you know that 99 percent of all glasses made for Our Boutique at York Family Eyecare are produced in-house?

We are proud to be one of the few optical shops on the Seacoast that has its own glasses fabrication lab. This is an important advantage for our patients, because it results in:

  • Superior quality control for our excellent Hoya lenses
  • Superior repair support that enables you to leave our office with functional glasses
  • Faster turnaround for delivery
  • Savings on overall costs, which we pass along to you

Ultimately, choosing Our Boutique at York Family Eyecare for your eyewear needs is a smart way to protect your investment, because you are getting the highest level of optical quality, expertise, and service.

Not all providers are created equal

When you need new eyewear, consider who will be making your glasses. Is it our skilled opticians, who take extra care and time during and after production to make sure your new eyewear fits you perfectly? Or is it somebody else who doesn’t know you, and perhaps isn’t even an optician?

We love knowing our customers, and meticulously fabricating each pair of glasses ourselves, so that they are a “cut above.”