Sports Eyewear

Here in beautiful Maine, where the mountains meet the sea, we have access to most every sport imaginable. At York Family Eyecare’s in-house optical boutique, we can outfit your eyes for just about any sport. (And our doctor and opticians are avid athletes themselves!)

Sports eyewear is too often the forgotten protective gear. The truth is that it is as important as helmets, especially in contact sports, because our eyes are irreplaceable.canstockphoto14789960

What’s more, sports eyewear can provide a distinct competitive advantage for serious athletes. By optimizing the athlete’s vision for their particular sport, they experience greater performance, comfort, and self-confidence. Even for hobbyists and spectators, sports eyewear can make a dramatic difference in an individual’s enjoyment of the sport.

Whether you need protective goggles or sports progressives, Our Boutique at York Family Eyecare will work with you to make recommendations and customize eyewear that feels great while you compete, play, or work out.

Here is just a sampling of the sports eyewear we offer:

Contact Lenses – for the most natural and safest vision correction

Polarized Lenses – in and around water

Goggles – ski, swim, racquetball

Sports Progressives – fishing, golf, cycling

Safety Glasses – hunting, tactical, shooting, mountain biking, tennis, baseball, basketball

Scuba Masks/Snorkeling Masks – keeps user safer under water