Sports Vision

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a sports hobbyist, achieving your “personal best” in visual proficiency improves your athletic performance, and makes every sport more enjoyable.

The smart athlete’s secret

Sports vision testing and training is a great way to achieve competitive advantage. Many athletes have undetected vision issues that unknowingly hamper their performance. In fact, experts say that maximizing one’s visual proficiency can be the single-most important factor in an athlete’s performance success.

Partner with an optometrist who’s also an athlete

At York Family Eyecare, our optometrist Dr. Pelletier is a serious and accomplished athlete who understands these concerns firsthand. He enjoys working closely with his athlete-patients to first assess their visual status, and then to develop an individualized sports vision-training program.

Dr. Pelletier has a battery of sports vision tests for athletes. Visual performance issues specific to athletes’ needs can be BASEBALLmeasured and improved in a number of areas, including:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Depth perception
  • Eye tracking ability

Visual issues and requirements can differ tremendously for various sports. For example, team sports require good peripheral vision. Depth perception is mission-critical for downhill skiers. Dr. Pelletier will identify your sports vision deficits, listen to your performance goals, and develop a plan with your input.

Remember your eyes in your sports training

With your new sports-vision plan in place, you can now include visual training, as outlined by Dr. Pelletier, as part of your overall athletic regimen.