WhyWhy Choose YFE?

York Family Eyecare is a welcoming optometric practice with a beautiful and helpful in-house optical boutique. As a proud fixture in the town of York, Maine, we strive every day to make genuine connections with our patients and customers.

We are not the biggest or the oldest eyecare practice in the area. On the contrary, we believe that our fresh approach and smaller size is what makes us the best choice for patient-focused Seacoast eyecare. Just ask our patients.

What We Have (That They Don’t)

Our doctor, Sammy Pelletier, loves spending time with people—from newborns to ninety-year- olds. He listens to his patients, cares about their concerns, and explains things clearly. His thoroughness during exams is unusual and noteworthy. His commitment to patient wellness, as seen by his ongoing investments in the latest industry tools, is impressive. He never rushes patients out during their visits.

Our staffers are outgoing, helpful, and vibrant. We like to connect with our patients (and maybe even have a little fun) while we get the job done!

The “cherry on top?” Our office space is beautiful, comfortable, and conveniently located.

When you visit York Family Eyecare, you can quickly see what you’ve been missing elsewhere.