youngYoung Adults (19 to 40 years)

Your advocate for adult eye wellness

Adult patients from 19 to 40 years old are fortunate to generally experience good eye health. Nonetheless, Dr. Pelletier teaches patients at this age that there is much that they can do to take good care of their eyes and avoid problems later in life. With proper eyecare, ocular disease and vision issues do not have to be a symptom of “growing old.”

As a family practice, York Family Eyecare’s biggest patient segment is its hardworking adults. This active age set is often pursuing higher education, working professionally, raising a family, or a combination of those. Can you imagine tackling these demanding activities with impaired vision?

This time of life is busy and exciting, and patients want to maximize their productivity. The key to achieving this is by optimizing one’s health through a personal commitment to wellness. Dr. Pelletier is an important ally in this regard.

Dr. Sammy takes his role as a primary care physician and educator very seriously. As a devoted father of four young adults himself, he thoroughly enjoys spending time with these “movers and shakers.” He is a role model for healthy lifestyle habits that make a real difference in our overall quality of life—and this includes protecting our precious and irreplaceable eyesight.

How Dr. Pelletier goes the extra mile for adult patients

  • His patients receive extremely thorough eye exams to identify any “silent” ocular issues in this age group that don’t carry symptoms.
  • Adult patients are educated on causes of, and treatments for, “visual stress” that is common to this age group. This includes education on major new concerns regarding blue light damage from electronic devices. Patients are given the latest options for protection, and other important support.
  • Each patient is assessed for potential eye safety issues and needs, another top issue for young adults. Dr. Pelletier makes recommendations for eye protection solutions which can be conveniently sourced right from our beautiful in-house boutique.

Why proactive, ongoing eyecare matters

Taking care of one’s eyes during the early adult years can make a big impact later in life. That’s because eye doctors have limited treatment options once a diagnosis of visual impairment exists.

Protecting your vision from UV and blue light emissions now prevents the effects of cumulative, irreversible damage later. Even lifestyle choices, like eating antioxidant-rich foods every day, also help to protect your eyes from disease for the long run.

At York Family Eyecare, we are proud to be the only practices on the Seacoast to offer a novel screening and vitamin program that can help prevent partial blindness from Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), which has no cure. Please ask us about it during your next visit.

Regular eye & vision exams for health

Being followed regularly as an adult patient is a key way to fully protect one’s eyes for decades to come.

The American Optometric Association recommends eye examinations at least every two years for adult patients from 19 to 40 years.* However, this age group’s heavy reliance on computers and electronic devices now puts them at historically unprecedented risk for developing vision issues. Because of this, Dr. Pelletier strongly recommends that all adults have their eyes examined annually. 

It is our honor to be entrusted with your eyecare as an adult, and that of your family’s.

*PLEASE NOTE that adults considered to be at risk for the development of eye and vision problems may need additional testing or more frequent re-evaluation. Don’t hesitate to call us if you require additional guidance regarding your particular needs.